AT&T Sued for Discrimination

Discrimination Lawsuit Against AT&T

February 29, 2016

I have filled a discrimination lawsuit against AT&T. I am a former employee who was discriminated against by AT&T VP of Human Resources, David Martin and his team. I was highly productive team member with many contributions for over 6 years at AT&T as shown on my previous performance evaluations before the discrimination started. My career and future was destroyed by David Martin which cause me and my family much pain and suffering.

My employment experience at AT&T under David’s leadership have been highly discouraging. David Martin and his team used their influence to hold me back from promotions in process by SVP, Mike Coffey and made it very hard for me to work in the environment. Moreover, they made the environment hostile which caused me to become seriously ill and unable to work for some time.

I also requested Chief Executive Officer, Randall Stephenson to take immediate notice of David’s unprofessional and discriminating behavior towards me. I think Randall just tried to put it down and cover up my story. Furthermore, David empowered my team member to discriminate against me because of my background, national origin, religion among other things. There were no other Muslims in David’s org and maybe a few in entire human resources at AT&T with over 2500 people. Robert Knox who was friends with David Martin and my supervisor at one time, used a very controversial anti-Islamic movie called Innocence of Muslims to provoke me. He also used to make fun of my prophet and religion repeatedly. I can’t believe his stupidity in testing my patients. He was using a movie which caused demonstrations and violent protests around the world and led to hundreds of injuries and over 50 deaths.

Leadership says in their speeches that retaliation will not be tolerated at AT&T. However, I was retaliated against with continued harassment after I filed a former complaint with the EEO regarding David’s friend Robert Knox. I was told that the investigation has completed and my concerns have been addressed but nothing was done and I continued to be tormented. I was also told that the investigating was confidential and I was not given the outcome or details.

David employed everything in is power and resorted to lying and cheating to get rid of me and finally succeeded on July 31, 2015. I have filed a case, which is pending with the legal team. I ask them to take action and do the right thing by settling my claim in a proper and ethical manner.

My experience has been devastating and is affecting both my personal and professional life like a mental torture. I am very upset and hope people can understand my situation. My intent is to resolve this matter professionally and in best interest of all involved.

It’s very sad but discrimination still happens at AT&T and the company makes it hard for the person who reports it. They also put it down and cover it up.

Mohammad A. Mirza
AT&T Employee from May 2009 – July 2015


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