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AT&T Faces Discrimination Lawsuit from Former Employee

Posted: Apr 04, 2016 2:38 PM CDT

Former AT&T employee has filed a lawsuit against the company on the account of religious discriminatory activities against him by his company executives

Dallas, Texas – 4th April, 2016 – A former employee of American telecommunication honcho AT&T has recently sued the MNC for severe discriminatory activities against him on the basis of his religion. The company’s HR VP David Martin withheld his promotions using a “Muslim” angle despite his prolonged productive contributions and ultimately fired him last year.

Mohammad A. Mirza had been a devoted employee at AT&T Global Headquarters in Downtown Dallas since 2009 till he was fired under a vicious coup of cheating & lying on July 31, 2015. The former Senior Consultant of HR Technology at AT&T had always been acknowledged as a highly productive team member but it seems that Martin willingly discarded looking beyond his religion.

“My experience of working under Martin’s leadership at AT&T has been really discouraging. Together with his team and support from SEVP Bill Blase, he used his influence to withhold my much-deserved promotions for long & made it extremely difficult for me to work under such adversarial circumstances,” stated Mirza who fell seriously ill under severe workplace stress and was even unable to work for a while.

His efforts to seek justice from higher level of the company ended in vain when AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson did everything to cover up the story. Moreover, Martin provoked his team member to launch further discriminatory attitude against Mirza on account of his religion, national origin & background, amidst other things. Muslims are a sheer minority in AT&T which pushed the entire environment against an innocent highly productive employee.

Mirza has also mentioned how the company’s Senior Technical Director Robert Knox, Martin’s friend & his erstwhile supervisor, made the situation even more unbearable for him. According to his statements, not only Knox attempted to instigate him through an extremely controversial anti-Islamic movie “Innocence of Muslims”, but also kept mocking his prophet & religion repeatedly.

“He (Knox) took to a movie that led to demonstrations & violent protests worldwide as well as countless injuries & more than 50 casualties,” noted an aggrieved Mirza.

Although AT&T leaders promise a no-tolerance policy against retaliation yet Mirza was retaliated against with repeated harassment when he filed a formal complaint with the company EEO regarding Knox. He was not informed about the details or outcome & was told that his issues have been addressed.

David did everything he could & finally he succeeded in firing Mr.Mirza in 2015. Mirza’s discriminatory lawsuit against AT&T is still pending with the company’s legal team.

“It was like a severe mental torture for me that has deeply affected both my professional & personal lives. Martin has destroyed my career. It’s sad but discrimination is not uncommon in AT&T & life gets tough for those who report it. I hope people understand my situation & I intent to resolve the issue professionally, in the best of interest of everybody involved,” Mirza added in.

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